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Checkout the Latest List of iPhones

Recently, Apple has retired two of its trusted models, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. And while two phones were removed from the list, two new iPhones were put in to replace the oldies – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, and they retained the iPhone 4S. Let’s take a closer look on these new set of great offers from Apple.

The iPhone 5S is considered a landmark in terms of new technologies on devices. It is the new face of Apple. Consumers now have three different colors to choose from: silver, space gray and champagne gold. With iPhone 5S, new heights of technologies were integrated like the Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor which was built into the Home button to easily unlock the phone. Rumors generating within Apple’s walls is that they are starting to develop newer functions designed for the said additional hardware.

Another new hardware feature is the 64-bit mobile architecture chipset which is now composed of the main processor A7 that is twice as fast as its predecessor with an image signal processor that supports OpenGL ES 3.0.

This is normally used in computers and gaming console. A co-processor called M7 gets some work off from the main chipset thereby significantly reducing the power that it previously required to operate, making the battery life more efficient. The iPhone 5S is available on contract for a minimum price of $199 for the 16GB and an increment of $100 with 32GB and 64GB respectively.

The iPhone 5C, as what Apple reviewers claim is the cheaper version of iPhone 5. It is offered in five vibrant colors, and some are thinking that it might be to cover previous mistakes made on the older iPhone 5.  To which it might also be the main reason it was removed from the market the same day iPhone 5C was launched. So those are the major feature differences between the two phones except for bigger display and LTE support.

This phone’s 16GB storage capacity is available on contract with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon for only $99; $199 for the 32GB. The unlocked version is also available at $549 and $649 for the 16GB and 32GB respectively. This unlocked version may also come with a pre-installed T-Mobile SIM or totally SIM free.

And speaking of iPhone 4S, this last deal may be considered the best offer by far to this date. The iPhone 4S, the first phone integrated with Siri is now offered for free on contract by the big three service providers, taking the place of the retired iPhone 4. Considered as the most consistent and stable iPhone, consumers who would like to experience first-hard what this iPhone brings will be treated to a world like no other smartphone can give.

With the latest iOS 7 made available for operating system update for this phone, this will bring a new life and look for old but reliable features. Current reviews show the stability of iPhone 4S running iOS 7 continues to be a factor that every owner love. And since Apple just released a new set of iPhones, the older iPhone 4S will still have more years to go.


The world’s most advanced operating system is now ready for download. Owners of iPhone 4S, the newly retired iPhones 4 and 5 and other supported Apple devices can now download Apple’s newest mobile operating system called iOS 7 that was released last September 18th. Except of course for the latest hardware integrated with the new iPhone 5S, the fingerprint identity sensor and enhancements, Apple guaranteed that all the features and functionalities of older devices will be supported by the latest iOS.

This means that owners of older iPhones can still enjoy the features present on their phones with the enhancements made on the latest operating system, including the new user interface. Aside from the support of the current features, upgrades and fixes on bugs will also come in with the new iOS. But then it still hasn’t been tested so far and so it has yet to be proven to work properly on all iPhones or if any issues will arise after upgrading.

And while Apple already launched two iPhones and retired another two, they retained the iPhone 4S. One can get the 8GB iPhone model for free under contract with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. An unlock iPhone 4S is also available SIM-free or pre-loaded with T-Mobile SIM for only $450. Note however that these unlocked phones offered by Apple will not work on CDMA network. Those who are seeking to get a new iPhone, either the iPhone 4S, 5S or 5C, better scout first for a GSM-network provider in your locality.

There are some areas where GSM network is not available. This is the reason why some iPhone owners decided on having their phones jailbroken for the purpose of being able to use it on the network provider that offers service on their area. Currently, only those purchased before January 26th 2013 are allowed to be unlocked based on the recent decision on Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). So those that intend to buy a new iPhone 4S will have a hard time dealing with unlocking their iPhone especially if they are living in an area where CDMA network is not available.

For those who can jailbreak their iPhone 4S or currently are owners of a jailbroken iPhone 4S and would like to upgrade to the latest iOS 7, resort to jailbreaking the phone in order to unlock it again for use on a CDMA network.  There’s a need for patience now as the new jailbreak tool is still on the process of being created. Anyway, the new jailbreak is just around the corner. As what hackers and programmers of the latest jailbreak tool said, they will just wait for the right time to release the tool sometime after Apple released the latest operating system.

Once the new jailbreak tool for the iOS 7 is available just download it and follow the same old process – restore the phone first using the Restore button found in iTunes. Once fully restored, you can now proceed in upgrading with the latest mobile operating system. Once completed, download a copy of the jailbreak tool and simply follow the step-by-step process in jailbreaking and unlocking your phone. Others who got a hand down iPhone 4S that meets the DMCA requirement may also do the same process.


Why iPhone 4S Remains?

Many were dissatisfied with the latest announcement made by Apple during its town hall last September 10th held in their Cupertino, CA office. It’s not because of the new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the much cheaper iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S, as what leaked pictures show, has a very advance technology compared to other leading Smartphones available in the market. While iPhone 5C is almost as good as iPhone 5S, definitely much better compared to previous iPhone models and the best thing about is it’s budget-friendly price.

Dissatisfaction dampened the excitement as Apple decided to pack iPhone 4, and the short-lived iPhone 5 was also set to retire. But why is it that iPhone 4S remains while iPhone 5 got packed? Only the Apple management and engineers know the real reason behind this decision. But as what has been aired in the different reviews since the release of iPhone 5 – while it surpassed all the previous sales records thanks to Apple’s strategic marketing creating a bigger hype than expected, it did match the technological achievements reached by iPhone 4S.

As we all know, when iPhone 4S was released, ‘S’ referring to the voice-recognition system called Siri, there’s not much of a problem. While there reported instances about bugs on its built-in functionalities, all were immediately fixed after a new update made on the operating system, from iOS 5 up to the latest. And much of the problems were not a built-in function, app or anything related to software. Reports of unhappy customers are mainly about its display which is really small compared to leading Smartphones released during those days. Fact is, there are only minor reported dissatisfaction received for iPhone 4S.

Meanwhile, iPhone 5 received the most number of reported incidents and negative reactions; the most notable of these are the issues with Maps app. While the issue about the ineffective Maps app is related to the iOS 6, one cannot stop but relate it to iPhone 5. So intense was the Maps app issue that resulted on the removal of a top ranking Apple official. And since iPhones are jailbroken by other iPhone users, most of them are not affected by this Maps app as they can readily install Maps application found in Cydia resulting to low turnover or complaints for iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S, even though it’s much older than iPhone 5, does not have much of a difference in terms of application with the latter, and now with the new iPhone 5C. Aside from hardware enhancements on the new iPhones, it offers little enhancements of functions that run the device. Given the iSight Camera as an example, there are only two differences between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S: the burst mode, which is not present on iPhone 5c. The other difference is the 5C having a Sapphire crystal lens cover.

This goes to show how competitive the iPhone 4S is. And the fact that iPhone 4S is almost always, software-wise, very compatible on any iOS update it received indicates the fully operational system that was brought about on the said phone.


Apple’s Move to Take Off from iPhone 4S

September has arrived and though there is an unconfirmed line up of activities on the latest event that Apple will host this September 10th, this will surely be a start of something new, something big, and for hackers and jailbreak tool developers, something to tinker with. The launching of the newest addition on iPhone products might also mean a goodbye to older and reliable devices as well as making new features unavailable to the remaining ones.

As most manufacturers do when developing newer models, Apple tend to slowly but surely remove support from older devices to force consumers into buying the newer releases. It’s like an invisible law of addition and subtraction in economics, a very unfortunate effect of technological advancement where old devices are going to the direction of abandonment.

This is what will surely happen to iPhone 4S when the new iOS 7 arrives. As what has been previously described on the previous iOS 7 beta versions, important features like AirDrop and Filters in Camera are no longer supported. Much is the same for other devices. iPhone 4 will have no AirDrop, Siri, Panorama and Filters in Camera features. iPad 2 will only have support in Siri and iTunes Radio. iPad 3 does not support AirDrop, Panorama and Filters in Camera features, and both iPad 4 and iPad mini do not have support on Filters in Camera and Panorama features. The iPhone 3GS together with all other Apple devices not mentioned will now go on limbo together with iOS 6.

Although iPhone 4S may seem to outlive the iPhone 5 based on unconfirmed reports about the latter being pulled out from the manufacture section, iPhone 5 still boasts having all the new features that iOS 7 will bring forth, as well as the iPod Touch 5th generation. However, iPhone 4S still proves to be one tough nut to crack. And even though it does not carry some of the latest features developed by Apple, it still carries the old reliable features that phone users enjoy and find relevant.

By jailbreaking the iPhone 4S, it will have its new life like what happens to all other previous iPhones that underwent jailbreaking. In the latest news release from the group of hackers who develop jailbreak tools for Apple’s mobile operating system, they mentioned that they might come up with untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4 which will definitely bring a new leash in life for iPhone older phone models and for iPhone 4S owners who does not want to upgrade to the new iOS 7.

Even if the phone is supported by latest iOS release, many iPhone users will not immediately do an upgrade. They will wait until reviewers are able to prove the wonders that the new iOS brings. In the meantime, while still waiting for the result of reviews, they can try and enjoy the untethered version brought about by the latest jailbreak tool which, as promised, will be released as soon as the new iOS is released by Apple.

So for iPhone 4S users, you have two options. You may consider upgrading to the latest iOS 7 and ignore the new features which will not work or jailbreak your phone and enjoy all the features which are surely to work.


The launching for the new iPhone model is just around the corner, and as such, Apple fanatics are starting to line up in order to get a first glance of the latest innovation. There are actually two new iPhone models looming to be released this fall. The first and the much awaited model is the iPhone 5S. Leaked photos of the elegant iPhone show of the latest hardware technology that Apple has developed since the iPhone 5. The model is said to be available in three colors, the newest is the champagne-colored design in addition to the current black and white models.

An enhanced processor in the form of A7 processor will power the latest iPhone, which insiders say is 31% better in terms of performance and speed. However, it is not clear yet if it is as fast as the quad-core processors which most new Smartphone releases carry. It will also include a 12-megapixel camera capable of capturing HD images integrated with a dual-LED flash and a new feature that is capable of recording slow motion video of up to 30 frames per second. These hardware features really are a very good combination for the latest iOS 7 version.

Although there are rumors about the new iPhone 5S having a higher resolution display, there are questions raised up as to how this will happen since Apple decided not to have the screen size changed. Larger screen size or not, it does not mean that Apple cannot find ways to advance the technology. Apple insiders leaked that the new iPhone will be integrated with IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) material which is the latest screen display technology that offers brighter display but is much thinner.

On the other hand, the very colorful iPhone 5C is groomed to be introduced on the same stage or will just follow a week or two after iPhone 5S. Whenever this new fancy iPhone will be released, it will surely to be a hit to budget-conscious people who wants to get a hand on Apple’s iPhone. It was reported that iPhone 5C will be available between $350 and $450 without a contract. Although it was not elaborated by insiders but by the looks on the leaked info, some iPhone reviewers come into conclusion that iPhone 5C’s casing can be replaced if you get tired of the current color of the phone. It will be the first for Apple if that’s the case!

Consumers, think about purchasing iPhone 4S

With the impending launch of the two latest addition to iPhone family, there was a strong call for consumers who want to test the waters of iPhone 4S to put a hold on their money, for now. But it does not mean that they are discouraging people from getting iPhone 4S. It’s just a suggestion to wait for the initial review of the latest iPhones before deciding which phone to choose.

Surely, iPhone 4S has shown its worth by withstanding not only older iPhone versions but iPhone 5 as well. Why? There is a buzz that once the new iPhones are released, Apple will stop manufacturing iPhone 5. And what about iPhone 4S? There is indication that iPhone 4S will be stopped. This just goes to show the near perfect creation in the form of iPhone 4S. And it will also support the latest iOS 7 that will be released the same time with iPhone 5S and 5C.


Apple has finally released their version of unlocked iPhones, their answer to iPhone users’ demand to be able to choose their network carrier. Not only did they make unlocked iPhones available on latest models, they have offered the deal with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Surely, there will be many options to choose from, wit one that will fit everyone’s personal needs. Analyze what you will need and what’s best fit for you and check and compare these iPhones.

iPhone 4

Let’s start with what iPhone 4 doesn’t have that the other two has. Basically, with older versions, it comes with a much lower camera resolution and less features and function. Although the video recording resolution is at par with other Smartphones available in the market, it is still little lower compared to iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. You cannot talk to your iPhone as what newer iPhone versions can do since Siri has not been integrated to its hardware. And since it only has 8GB of storage capacity, you might think twice of downloading too many stuff on your iPhone.

Still, users might want to choose iPhone 4 amongst the three. Aside from having same Retina Display screen on all three iPhones, one of the major consideration why people choose the iPhone 4 over the two is the price – it is much, much cheaper compared to iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. And if one chooses to have a 2-year contract with any of the leading service providers, it comes with the package for free.

iPhone 4S

On the other hand, iPhone 4S, has the full functionality of voice recognition feature called Siri, as what ‘S’ stands for. Siri is integrated on almost all built-in functions of iPhone 4S. Its A5 processor is twice as fast as the A4 chip of iPhone 4. iPhone 4S also offers an extra hour of talk time with its enhanced battery life. It has better resolution with its 8 megapixel camera that supports video recording for 1080p HD videos. One can get iPhone 4S for just $99 with a 2-year contract from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon while T-Mobile offers a non-contract iPhone 4S that includes a T-Mobile SIM for only $549.00 – same price for unlocked iPhone 4S. It only has 16GB which is somewhat small for a phone capable of high resolution images and videos.

iPhone 5

The newest model amongst the three – and of course, the one that has the latest hardware specifications, iPhone 5 definitely has a big advantage compared to the first two. The iPhone 5 is compatible with a Nano-SIM, has larger screen, has A6 chip that is twice as fast of iPhone 4S’s A5 and it offers 4G LTE cellular networking that is much faster compared to 3G. It also comes with a new Dock Connector and redesigned EarPods that is capable of delivering higher than ever quality sound. Adding to that is the up to 64GB of storage capacity.

There are two things to consider though, iPhone 5 only has fewer modification and feature upgrades from the 4S. And since this is the newest and considered the greatest amongst the three, it’s no wonder why the price is much higher: $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB for a 2-year contract with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. Add $500 and you’ll get an unlocked iPhone 5.


What’s the Latest with Apple?

Now that Apple is nearing its final phase in releasing the latest of their iDevices, some fanatics can no longer wait to witness the latest technology will Apple bring to the table. Leaks of unofficial photos showing the newest, colorful and affordable iPhone are now a buzz within the tech community.

Apple supposedly named this new phone as iPhone 5C and it has been confirmed by people working within Apple. Even though it’s just a buzz, people now are thinking as to whether ‘C’ stands for ‘Cheap’ since it has the lowest value offer for iPhones estimated at about $300 to $350 at stand alone cost. And although the phone is affordable, the price is still higher compared to other Smartphones. But people from Apple guarantees that this iPhone 5C will still be at par with the latest iDevices.

Some think that ‘C’ is for ‘Colorful’ since the leaked photos show different colors of iPhones. Others think that it stands for ‘China’ as these phones were made in the country, while others think it represents ‘Case’ as the new pictures show only casing of iPhone that led to conclusions that the cover of the new iPhone can be changed. Whatever the new iPhone is called, it will be a very much welcomed addition to the new lines of iDevices, especially if it’s really affordable.

There is also a new patent that Apple applied for, which is designed to extend the iPhone’s battery life. This will not increase the battery capacity, but rather, it will make the device intelligent enough to turn off features and functions based from the user’s location, app usage, battery consumption, and remaining battery life. With this latest patent, it is said that the device will automatically turn off features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and other running services to reserve battery life. And when the battery life lowers even further, one by one, the system will shut down running apps to save battery life.

This seem to be a big development for all phones out there especially for iPhones that has long been reported to have consistent issues with its battery. However, the information does not mentioned as to whether this new patent will be included on the latest iDevice collection that will be released come this fall.

Remember what happened to iPhones when it was upgraded to iOS version 6.1.3 and 6.1.4? Hackers were unable to come up with a 100% guaranteed jailbreak solutions for these mobile operating systems. And Apple TV 3 is still to be jailbroken. Although jailbreak programmers and hackers denies being unable to break free with these latest technologies, reports from Apple suggested that they are currently working on a total un-jailbreak-able iOS for iPhones and other iDevices.

Rumor has it that the new iOS 7 released on beta versions together with other updates for lower iOS versions will include plugs to stop the hole exploited by jailbreak tools. Currently, jailbreak communities are now alerting owners of jailbroken iPhones not to upgrade to the latest version until they were able to make a new jailbreak tool for iOS 7 which is set to be released by fall together with other iDevices.


Issues with iPhone Functions

There is no perfect device as what people say, and yes this also applies with iPhone. Whether it’s a system flaw or a fix, there are things that will make the iPhone a lot better once Apple decides to attend to these issues. With these corrections, it will make iPhone very much user-friendly at the very least.

One of the most noticeable failures in iPhone is the search function in the Mail and Map apps. In fact, this is perhaps the poorest programmed amongst the functions on the phone. On the mail app, it needs to be redefined, reprogrammed in a way that it will be much easier to go over all the emails. Currently, it’s a long shot compare to other email app. How about the search option in the Maps app? There seems to be no disagreement with the issue that the Maps app is undergoing.

The Maps app seems to be done hastily in order to come up with the replacement of Google Maps which already has ended its contract with Apple. Clearly, it doesn’t take a genius why Maps app is suffering the biggest setback amongst the apps in iPhone. There were reported complaints about wrong tags, disconnected vector images and incomplete directions among others. Without these features working properly, this will just be a simple vector map on a phone, with no other functions.

Another feature that has the mad eyes of iPhone users is Siri, which is too slow, if it works properly at all. Then there’s this Safari which unfortunately for iPhone users, is the sole browser especially designed for Apple devices. Attempts to install other browser is nil since there is no option available in App Store, unless you decide to jailbreak your phone. The weather information seems not to update automatically, and often times display a different time zone. It will be useful if this will be remedied by having an up-to-date, real-time information changes that will reflect on screen.

If you want to change some of the settings of an Android phone, it can easily be done with just one swipe on the upper deck: not with iPhone. Step by step, you will need to enter the settings of the function that you want to turn on or off which is somewhat irritating if you moved from Android to iPhone.

Apple’s notification center is a good thing; it’s just that it needs modification to be much user-friendly. One of them is the clearing of notification messages where it does not have an option to clear all in one instance. Currently, it’s a one to one clearing process which still needs to steps – tap on the small ‘x’ on top of the notification that you would like to close and then tap it one more time to have it totally cleared.

Another issue and although it seems that this is somewhat related more on the network providers, is the issue of receiving multiple messages. This has been an ongoing game of ping pong where phone manufacturers blame network providers on why this happens. In response, network providers maintained their innocence that this is mainly due to non-reactionary system on the phone’s part once it received the message. So let’s just leave it at that.


Before we go over the difference of User-unlocked and Officially-unlocked iPhones, let us first define which is which. Unlocking is the term used to define a phone that is tied or ‘locked’ to a certain network provider being freed, allowing the transfer to a different network provider. When iPhone was first introduced to the market, it was solely tied with AT&T.

However, consumers were made to bear the high fees connected with availing services from this network provider and so unlocking came to be. But long before official unlocking of iPhones was made available, iPhone users who wish to transfer to another network provider needs to have the phone be jailbroken first. Jailbreaking is the term coined to describe the process of modifying the iPhone firmware by accessing its root file system thereby allowing third party apps, themes and extensions be downloaded and installed.

Now that you know the definition of unlocking and jailbreaking, there are a few things that you need to consider prior to unlocking your iPhone. First, make sure that the network provider you wanted supports iPhone technology which uses GSM network in the US. CDMA network is supported although there are only a handful of network providers that offer this service.

Another thing to consider is the location where you will be using the phone. Even if you found a network provider that supports iPhone, if they do not offer service on your area, then it’s a dead end. One more thing, you need to know the iphone’s firmware version by going to Settings and then reading thru the About page.

Now we go on the difference between a user-unlocked from the officially-unlocked iPhone. There is only one difference between the two – Apple has a database that holds off verifying which iPhone undergoes the ‘legal’ process versus the jailbroken, user-unlocked iPhone. Apple lists the unlocked phone’s IMEI, which serves as its unique identity, thereby making it possible to transfer to different network providers without any problems or undergoing another unlock process.

While there is only one difference, having it officially unlocked gives many benefits that are not available with user-unlocked iPhones. Aside from being registered as officially unlocked, this process works on all iPhones – 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5, and you can guarantee that as long as Copyright Office decides otherwise, all future iPhones can be unlocked, officially and assured of being free from any unlocking issues. Apple also noted that once an iPhone is officially unlocked, it can never be locked again – ever, even if new updates are released and installed on the iPhone via iTunes.

Apple also mentioned that thru official unlocking, you will still be entitled under warranty when an accident happens. Unlike user-initiated unlocking of iPhone, wherein Apple strongly stated that by jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone without their permission, that they will not honor the warranty that comes with it when initially purchased, officially unlocked iPhones can enjoy all the benefits that Apple offers.

Lastly, you need not undergo the hassle of jailbreaking your iPhone. The process of unlocking iPhone thru official means will allow users to transfer services to another without hacking and tweaking the system. Less hassle, less mistakes, more benefits.

But if you want to enjoy the benefits of a jaibroken iphone as well as the choice of your service provider, then user unlocking is for you.


The iPhone 4S on iOS 7

With the release of the iOS 7 update, many new features, designs and enhancements were introduced. One of the most visible enhancements made was for the iPhone’s user interface, which now looks bigger. Better system enhancements await iPhone users like Control and Notification centers, greater Multitasking ability, and Camera among others.

While iOS 7 was said to support multiple devices including the iPhone 4S, initial tests show negative feedback. Issues were already raised with the release of beta version 1. With the beta 3 release of iOS 7, some of these bugs still affect the performance of iPhone 4S running on the iOS 7 update.

One of the issues found in beta 1 of iOS 7 was the functionality to delete messages although it has already been resolved with the beta 2 version. With the new AirDrop app, iPhone users will now be able to send photos, videos, contacts and much more. However, this only works with iPhone 5. This defeats the objective of file sharing since it only work on one device, which means only users of iPhone 5 can use the said feature.

There‘s no sign yet whether Apple will allow previous iPhone devices from having AirPlay. It just shows that Apple really has a nick on developing advance technologies yet leaving it behind after a few.

Others reported that Siri do not always work on iPhone 4S with the latest iOS 7, if it works at all. And if it did, it sounded a bit wavy until it fades. There are other apps that have been reported to do system crash. The Calendar app was reported to not having AM and PM mode; when creating a new event, the user does not have a monthly view while the daily view is too small; recurring dates does not work at all. And when it viewing via Year Mode, it crashes and reboots the phone automatically. All of these occur even with the latest iOS 7 Beta 3 installed.

Another issue related to hardware, which unfortunately comes in random and is not yet fixed even with the release of beta 3 version, is the system crash for iPhone 4 and 5. It randomly happens while working on different apps. However, important apps that experience the said issue are Camera and Safari. Just showing the Apple logo with black background, the phone will then reboot and will go back to the home screen.

Although there hasn’t been any reported jailbreak tool for iOS 7 yet since this is still on its infancy stage, there were rumors spreading across jailbreak community that the iPhone 4 (not yet confirmed with iPhone 4S) users who already have iOS 7 version, is able to gain root access on their devices. With this initial discovery, this may lead to having access to modify any root files on iPhone 4 which might eventually lead to a jailbreak process for iPhone 4 running iOS 7.

Make sure not to overplay with these files as it might damage the device. And if something happens, users can still go to iTunes to restore the phone to its factory default settings.